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John Major

John Major


  âge : 74 ans
  date de naissance : né le
  pays de naissance : en Angleterre  Angleterre

  catégorie : Politiques

signe astrologique : Bélier
signe astrologique chinois : Chèvre

né le même jour : Vangelis

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Aventure et survie

Aventure et survie

Guitarist's Way 4 - Guitar - BOOK

Guitarist's way 4 - guitar - book

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Peter NUTTALL & John WHITWORTH The Guitarists Way Book 4 Book 4 covers: * 6/8 and swing rhythms * Key of F major * More arpeggios * Harmonics * Higher...
AEBERSOLD JAMEY - Tout instrument- Divers Auteurs - 24 Major And Minor + 2Cd

Aebersold jamey - tout instrument- divers auteurs - 24 major and minor

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For all instrumentalists and vocalists. Recordings contain 30 extended tracks of recorded background. Great primer for learning basic skills in Major ...
Aebersold 3 CD The II/V7/I Progressions + CD

Aebersold 3 cd the ii/v7/i progressions + cd

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Suggested Prerequisites: Volume 2 And Volume 1.Probably the most important musical sequence in modern jazz! A must for all aspiring jazz players. Book...